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Remote Engineering Data App

April 12th 2016

Another addition to our suite of apps is our Remote Engineering Data App. Workers working remotely can access task lists and supporting engineering data..

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Win Bruce Springsteen Tickets

April 9th 2016

To help promote our up-coming Site Audit App, we are giving away two tickets to Bruce Psringsteen and the E Street Band in Croke Park.

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Site Audit App

April 6th 2016

Improve productivity and efficency in your workplace with our Site Audit App. Allow workers to use smart smart phones or tablets to complete Safety Audits.

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FREE Mobile Audit

June 11th 2015

Google have recently implemented changes to their search engine algorithm. Contact us for a free audit on how it impacts your website ranking.

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OpenVMS 1977-2020

May 2nd 2014

Hewlett-Packard has announced an end to support for OpenVMS, a system long valued for its reliability and breakthrough features, in 2020. The ancient but very trustworth operating system started out as VAX/VMS on Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX minicomputers in 1977, two years before i was born!.

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Firefox OS for Smart Phones

April 3rd 2014

Firefox OS extends the company's open policy. It's a an open source software built on HTML5, the web standard that's seen by many as the future of the web. Its apps, as well as its core software, will use HTML5.

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Firefox OS for Smart Phones

March 5th 2014

A new infographic created by VisualCapitalist on helf of Graphite, Graphene and 3D Printing company Lomiko Metals details the ins and outs of 3D printing and its effect on the business world.

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