Remote Engineering Data App

Site Audit App
April 12th 2016

A new addition to our App collection is our Remote Engineering Data App. Like our other apps this product has been designed in house from the ground up. Remote workers can access engineering data relevant to their task, review the documents and sign off if required. Data is available instantly and can incorporate media in many formats. Workers can review checklists and actionable tasks, allowing users to record data at each stage. Data is instantly available at base to review and if necessary provide additional support documents. Process flow can be designed to suit your company requirements, and all data is held securely in our cloud storage.


  • Remote task list
  • View Engineering data remotely
  • Instant reporting
  • Method Documents
  • Custom process flow
  • Management console
  • Use when on/off-line
If you are interested in trialling our Remote Engineering Data App with your company please contact our sales department