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OpenVMS 1977-2020?

OpenVMS 1977-2020?

May 2nd 2014

Hewlett-Packard has announced an end to support for OpenVMS, a system long valued for its reliability and breakthrough features, in 2020. The ancient but very trustworth operating system started out as VAX/VMS on Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX minicomputers in 1977, two years before i was born!. One of the origianl developers of the OS was David N. Cutler, who later went on to work for Microsoft and play a ey role in developing Windows NT.

A level of flexibility no other OS has ever matched!

OpenVMS also sports world-class clustering abilities, allowing a whole group of dissimilar machines to function as a single server, leading to uptimes of many years as individual machines can be taken offline, their hardware or even entire OS upgraded or replaced, then brought back up and to rejoin the cluster. A single cluster could contain mixed hardware architectures and mixed OS versions, allowing a level of flexibility no other OS has ever matched.

While we do have a targeted end date, that doesn't mean support will definitely end.

Below is the roadmap for the OpenVMS Service support.