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Firefox OS for Smart Phones

Firefox OS for Smart Phones

April 3rd 2014

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Its name has become virtually synonymous with this piece of software. However, the not-for-profit Mozilla organisation is branching out with its own phone operating system, Firefox OS.

Firefox OS – Background and Aims

Firefox OS extends the company's open policy. It's a an open source software built on HTML5, the web standard that's seen by many as the future of the web. Its apps, as well as its core software, will use HTML5.

It's a bold piece of software, but Firefox OS isn't really intended to be a like-for-like rival for iOS or Android – although naturally it's much closer to Google's OS if the comparison was to be made seriously.

Using Firefox OS feels a bit like being transported back to the early days of Android, when the system had more bugs than features.

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