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3D printing: How it works & its advantages

3D printing: How it works & its advantages

March 5th 2014

A new infographic created by VisualCapitalist on helf of Graphite, Graphene and 3D Printing company Lomiko Metals details the ins and outs of 3D printing and its effect on the business world.

Due to factors such as the technology becoming more user friendly and a decrease in the price of acquisition, 3D printing is making a splash in many industries such as medicine, automotive and electronics. Currently, the largest revenue generator in the industry is consumer electronics, followed closely by the automotive industry. Also, the largest end user customer base is located in the USA, with a whopping 38% market share.
Advantages of 3D printing include: the convenience of designing and producing goods in house, on your own schedule; reduced need to store inventory, as it can be made just in time for use; cost reduction of manufacturing without the added expense of creating molds, and much more.
Moving forward, investors must consider the high barriers to entry, vertical acquisitions and potential demand growth from the manufacturing and software industries.